In accordance with the new national curriculum the On Fire! – Leadership Training program is an entity which engages, inspires and appreciates participants’ know-how. The training focuses on developing school culture, the changes in society, communicational challenges and the continuously evolving role of digitalization. Anna-Mari Jaatinen has worked as a principal and school culture developer since 2004. Based on her subjective experience in leadership and development work in school culture, Anna-Mari Jaatinen created the Creative Fire Model (2010).

Key factors in the Creative Fire Model are communality, creativity, problem solving skills, critical thinking, social skills and enthusiasm. The firewood in the model is built through values, leadership, the concept of a learning community, a creative curriculum, evaluation and digitalization. In addition, networking skills and a comprehensive concept of learning take center stage. The Creative Fire Model is used as the basis for the training program in educational leadership and the development of school culture.

The training program uses the Creative Fire Model as a framework to train groups of principals in promoting new pedagogical insights in accordance with the new curriculum. The aim is to help them develop a creative school culture and enhance their educational leadership, and to utilize digitalization in their own learning, leadership and development work. A further goal is also to produce new information and ideas.

The first On Fire! – Leadership Training pilot group will start in spring 2017. The training program will be organized as a five-month intensive course consisting of contact, virtual and distance working periods with two follow-up days six months apart. The contact days are to be held in the facilities of xEdu in Helsinki, at Siltavuorenpenger 8. Contact days will be held once a month during the spring. The training group consists of 20 principals working for the City of Helsinki Education Department.

Each member of the training group will receive a space where they can build their own leadership room. The group members can arrange meetings in the virtual meeting space through voices, pictures and Avatar-characters at agreed times. Each group member is to choose source material relevant to their own concept of leadership, cultural change and pedagogical thinking. Research results, articles, literature, documents, press releases, pictures, videos and presentations are posted on the wall of the leadership room. The members can agree on meetings and invite others into their leadership rooms.
A joint Creative Fire Leadership space will also be created for the whole group. This space will offer a collective site for the refined thoughts, knowledge, realizations and ideas generated through collaborative learning. The literature and research material provided in the joint Creative Fire Leadership space will pertain to values, leadership, the concept of a learning community, a creative curriculum and evaluation, and digitalization through the work of the following scholars and experts: Klaus Helkama, Leena-Maija Otala, Michael Fullan, Mihály Csikszentmihályi, Howard Gardner, Kristiina Kumpulainen, Päivi Atjonen, Najat Ouakrim-Soivio, Saku Tuominen, Matti Aarnio, Pasi Mattila and Pasi Silander. The core curriculum by the National Agency of Education, municipal curricula, current publications and statistics, current national and international research results, and doctoral dissertations will also be provided as additional material.

The training will contain an initial and final evaluation based on the framework of self-organization, leadership and learning developed by the Becomers research group in educational psychology at the University of Helsinki. The progress of the training program can be followed in real time in the social media in Finnish and English in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The name of the group is OnFireLeaders. The process will also be explained in Purot-wiki. Other digital platforms and tools will also be used, eg Todaysmeet, Answergarden, Padlet, QR-codes, Poplet, Google-Drive / One Drive, ClanEd, Power Point, Prezi, Seppo and Minecraft.

The training will progress in cycles according to the themes of the firewood in the Creative Fire Model. The training program will be directed by Anna-Mari Jaatinen. Top Finnish experts will offer inspirational lectures to the training group according to the themes of the sessions. Lectures will be heard from the following experts: Pasi Mattila, Nina Halonen, Cristina Andersson, Pauliina Mäkelä, Anne-Mari Saarensilta, Leena-Maija Otala, Antti Joensuu, Walid el Cheik, Leena Liusvaara, Milja Mäntynen, Kristiina Kumpulainen, Najat Ouakrim-Soivio, Saku Tuominen and Matti Aarnio.

The Creative Fire Model

Creative Fire Model

Friday, January 20th

The structure and content of the contact day:

  • Introduction of the whole training program and its goals, Anna-Mari Jaatinen
  • Initial evaluation, Anna-Mari Jaatinen
  • The World is Changing, Are You Ready?, Cristina Andersson (Developer Oy)
  • Training in how to use Finpeda’s Virtual Space and introduction of the virtual learning environment of Creative Fire, Pasi Mattila (Finpeda Oy)


  • Introduction of the virtual learning environment of Creative Fire, Anna-Mari Jaatinen
  • The School of the Future: communality, creativity and digitalization in learning, Anna-Mari Jaatinen
  • Comments: Todays meet, Building the Virtual Learning Space
  • The threats and possibilities of the social media. Purot-wiki, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – channels of communication, Pauliina Mäkelä (Kinda Oy)
  • Introduction of the different digital tools to be used during the training (Todaysmeet, Answergarden, Padlet and Poplet)
  • Values as the starting point in leadership, Anna-Mari Jaatinen
  • Intermediate learning task: Write an essay on the FVS virtual platform

Friday, February 17th

The structure and content of the contact day:

  • Introduction and consideration of values, Anna-Mari Jaatinen
  • Management of wellbeing and self, Anne-Mari Saarensilta
  • Analysis of natural tendencies and the management of one’s own wellbeing, Anne-Mari Saarensilta
  • Pondering and processing, Anna-Mari Jaatinen


  • Leadership and a learning organization, Leena-Maija Otala (Precompetence)
  • Reflection of the Creative Fire Model and introduction of the intermediate learning task, Anna-Mari Jaatinen
  • Intermediate learning task 1: Write about your dream vision of leadership on the Finpeda Virtual Space Creative Fire virtual platform
  • Groupwork in Answergarden: The qualities of a good leader. (Picture of visions and modifications on Minecraft)
  • Intermediate learning task 2: Timeline of leadership towards the vision. Poplet

Friday, March 17th

The structure and content of the contact day:

  • Work in the future, Antti Joensuu (Ministry of Labour)
  • Writing an essay on the Finpeda virtual platform, Anna-Mari Jaatinen
  • What is Pitching? Pitching-training, Walid el Cheik (Aalto University, Innovation in Education)
  • Round 1: 3-minute pitches introducing the vision of leadership / 2-minute group feedback. Half of the trainees give pitches, the other half function as the jury


  • Round 2: 3-minute pitches introducing the vision of leadership / 2-minute group feedback. Half of the trainees give pitches, the other half function as the jury
  • Empowering leadership, Leena Liusvaara
  • Trust and commitment as the starting point for building a learning community, Milja Mäntynen
  • The broadening circle and networking of the learning community, Anna-Mari Jaatinen
  • Intermediate learning task 1: Leading and building a learning community. Pondering and planning in the FVS virtual leaning space.
  • Intermediate learning task 2: Video presentation of pitch in the FVS-virtual learning space.

Friday, April 28th

The structure and content of the contact day:

  • A creative curriculum, Kristiina Kumpulainen (University of Helsinki)
  • The different kinds and functions of evaluation in education, Najat Ouakrim-Soivio (University of Helsinki)
  • Continuous feedback and evaluation as the key to success, Anna-Mari Jaatinen


  • Creativity and Design Thinking, Saku Tuominen
  • The meaningful use of digitalization in pedagogy, evaluation and creative leadership, Matti Aarnio
  • Workshop under the guidance of digital experts
  • Intermediate learning task 1: The challenges of creativity, the curriculum and evaluation. A pair essay on the FVS platform.
  • Intermediate learning task 2: Building one’s own Creative Fire presentation, present state and goal. My vision of leadership during the following 3 years.

Friday, May 19th

The structure and content of the contact day:

  • Creative Fire presentations and feedback orally and / or on the virtual platform, Anna-Mari Jaatinen
  • On Fire! –Leadership training in the social media, summary, Anna-Mari Jaatinen


  • Active final test in various locations in Helsinki, Seppo – platform, Riku Alkio and Anna-Mari Jaatinen
  • Planning and rules of networking, Anna-Mari Jaatinen
  • Final evaluation and network evening of training group. The networking of the training group will be continued in the Finpeda Virtual Space and freely.
  • Follow-up meetings: January 2018 and June 2018. Finnish Education during the next 100 years.
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